Why Go Plant Based?

Living a Plant-Based lifestyle means eating whole foods vegetables, fruits, legumes, grains, nuts and seeds.

Increases Energy

Improves Gut Health & Weight Management 

Decreases Inflammation

Decreases/Reverses Heart Disease, Diabetes & Cancer

Healthy Cholesterol & Blood Pressure Levels
Healthy & Strong Hair, Skin, Nails

Improves Physical Performance & Recovery Time

Saves 1 Animal Life Everyday

Saves 1,100 Gallons of Water Everyday

Saves 20lbs of Carbon Dioxide Emissions Everyday

Saves 30sq ft of Forested Land Everyday

A plant-based diet is more likely to produce good health and to reduce sharply the risk of heart problems, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, gallstones, and kidney disease.

T.Colin Campbell


We have science to suggest that if you can make three changes – give up meat, all dairy, and refined foods including free oils – you can avoid dying from cancer and heart disease.

Mehmet Oz


They say that vegetable food is not sufficiently nutritious. But chemistry proves contrary. So does physiology. So does experience…And again: the largest and strongest animals in the world are those which eat no flesh-food of any kind – the elephant and rhinoceros.

Russell Trall


We should all be eating fruits and vegetables as if our lives depend on it – because they do.

Michael Greger


…in switching over to a plant-based diet, most people are able to reverse their heart disease, cure Type II or significantly improve type I diabetes, effortlessly reduce their weight, eliminate their chronic and nagging aches and pains.

Alona Pulde and Matthew Lederman

Both MD’s

Numerous research studies have shown that cancer is more common in populations consuming diets rich in fatty foods, particularly meat, and much less common in countries with diets rich in grains, vegetables, and fruits.

Neal Barnard


There are two kinds of cardiologists: vegans and those who haven’t read the data.

Kim A. Williams

MD (Cardiologist)

Any scientist, doctor, journalist, or policy maker who denies or minimizes the importance of a whole food, plant-based diet for individual and societal well-being simply isn’t looking clearly at the facts. There’s just too much good evidence to ignore anymore.

T. Colin Campbell

MD (Biochemist and Specialist in Nutrition)

Collectively the media; the meat, oil, and dairy industries; most prominent chefs and cookbook authors; and our own government are not presenting accurate advice about the healthiest way to eat.

Caldwell Esselstyn

MD (Surgeon)

A plant-based diet is good for your heart, your body, and it may even be good for your soul.

Robert Ostfeld

MD (Cardiologist)

The human body is a self-repairing, self-defending, self-healing marvel. Disease is relatively difficult to induce, considering the body’s powerful immune system. However, this complicated and delicate machinery can be damaged if fed the wrong fuel during the formative years. … Healthy living with nutritional excellence throughout life can slow the decline of aging. It can prevent the years and years of suffering in ill health that is so common today as people get older and become dependent on medical treatments, drugs, and surgery. Nutritional excellence is the only real fountain of youth.

Joel Furhman


The rich western diet is full of fat, sugar, cholesterol, salt, animal protein – all the wrong foods for people.

Dr. John A McDougall

Physician and Nutrition Expert

The beef industry has contributed to more American deaths than all the wars of this century, all-natural disasters, and all automobile accidents combined. If beef is your idea of “real food for real people” you’d better live real close to a real good hospital.

Neal Barnard


I continue to be amazed by our bodies’ ability for self-repair. … Our bodies want to be healthy, if we would just let them. That’s what these new research articles are showing: Even after years of beating yourself up with a horrible diet, your body can reverse the damage, open back up the arteries-even reverse the progression of some cancers. Amazing! So, it’s never too late to start exercising, never too late to stop smoking and never too late to start eating healthier.

Michael Greger


The meat-laden, Western style diet, rather than leading us to an age of prosperity and health, has contributed to an epidemic of degenerative diseases. The nations who consume the most meats suffer the highest rates of death from heart attacks, strokes, cancer and diabetes.

Michael Klaper


Heart disease, adult diabetes, obesity, gut health, osteoporosis, autoimmune disease, and low sex drive can be improved with a plant-based diet.

Joel Kahn

MD (Cardiologist)

Animal protein is not the healthiest food we can eat, it is strongly associated with diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and cancer.

Garth Davis

MD (Surgeon)

Let us help you become plant based.