I’m 53 years old and on a mission of healing my mind, body and soul.

Jennifer and Mark from Gorilla Strong Fitness helped me build a strong foundation that supported all of the areas that I’ve prayed for.

The first and most important area was mindset: it’s crucial to have a strong commitment and keep up with the daily workouts for best results. Jennifer and Mark provided me with support every step. The second area was plant-base nutrition: I’ve never eaten such delicious foods like having the plant-base meals from their own creations. Many of which tasted like deserts, you might even think that you are cheating. The third area was the value to be grateful: appreciating the smallest things in life, the happier your life could be.

Jennifer and Mark are the most amazing and dedicated health and fitness coaches I have had the pleasure to work with. I’m grateful for their weekly accountability phone calls and amazing fitness guidance that will last me a lifetime.

Racquel S.


I began my online training program with the Martell’s in January 2018. Then in February 2018 I suffered a stroke resulting from whiplash injuries from a car accident I had been in years prior that I didn’t know had caused a tear in my carotid artery.

When I finally began physical therapy at the hospital, they started me off with exercises that were very similar to the ones that Jennifer and Mark had in my workout regime. The fact that I had been working out every day prior to my stroke gave me immense confidence as my Physical Therapy began! My attitude was so positive telling myself I got this!

The physical therapists were very encouraging and surprised at my ability and I told them, I’ve been doing this every day up until I ended up at the hospital. Some muscles were working in my body and other ones weren’t and I knew that with the daily application that I had begun with my program a month before that I had the ability within me to continue forward to full mobility!

As soon as the swelling in my brain went down and I was moving again, I resumed my program again because everything within it was something, I already knew I could do. I didn’t wait to go to a physical therapy facility I kept on working in my home the same way I had started with Gorilla Strong Fitness. And I did it at a pace that I was comfortable with and felt safe with.

I am beyond thankful that I already had one month’s worth of the Martell’s programming under my belt when I was knocked down by my serious health issue. I was told by my physical therapist that since my body was already in an exercise program when my health event occurred, more than likely my recovery would be faster than if I had not. That turned out to be true! Since I had begun a daily program, I was very eager to get back on my feet and back to it. The Martell’s program helped me physically and mentally return to physical mobility much faster than anyone had originally expected my recovery time to be.
Taking part in their program was one of the best things that I’ve ever done because it literally became part of what saved my life.

Patty H.


I was sick and tired of feeling and looking like crap, so I took a giant leap of faith and signed up for Mark and Jennifer’s program to help guide me in the right direction towards greater health. And of course, it did. 

I started the exercise routine and meal plan that Jennifer and Mark recommended. In my first 30 days I went from 260 lbs. to 230 lbs. The feeling I had within me at that point was very emotional. I felt great and was inspired even more!

I was able to bend over and tie my shoelaces without getting dizzy, which I use to because I would lose my breath. Waking up in the mourning not feeling stiff and groggy was a miracle. I had a tremendous amount of energy that I hadn’t experienced since I was a teenage kid. 

My body changed from day to day and month to month. After 6 months I was down to 205 lbs. I can’t put into words how tremendously amazing I felt. I am grateful to Mark and Jennifer; I truly believe I would not have done it without their guidance.
Teddy R.


“My clothes don’t fit, and I couldn’t be happier!”
After getting married and having two children getting back to being physically fit had been impossible. When you’re a working Mom and have two boys with travel sports schedules, you have very little time to take care of yourself and feel “Mom guilt” when you do.

Jennifer and Mark Martell of Gorilla Strong Fitness were the answer. They designed a personalized 90-day program that met my specific physical and nutritional goals, taking my time constraints into consideration. The fitness plan on the app was easy to use and follow, and I appreciated being able to track my progress on the app. The recipes for plant-based meals were delicious and easy to prepare.

One might ask, “How can it be effective when your physical and nutritional trainers are in Hawaii and you are in NY?” Well… IT WORKS! Jennifer and Mark guided me and held me accountable with our weekly phone calls and chats via the app throughout the 90 days. They always checked in to see how I was doing, answered all my questions and motivated me to be the best version of myself.

My clothes don’t fit, and I couldn’t be happier! I am already down two sizes! In contrast to my past failed attempts at weight loss and good nutrition, I now have a healthy foundation to build from and look forward to achieving even more results. I am thankful to Jennifer and Mark for helping get my mindset where it needed to be and designing my plan so I could achieve these amazing results.

Lisa J.

New York

Mark and Jennifer have been very instrumental in assisting me facilitate my thinking process with conflict resolution, positive mind set, plant- based meal planning and creating a specific workout schedule that met my needs at that time.

I was diagnosed with bone calcification. I was suddenly unable to move my left arm as I had excruciating pain. I knew this was the result from chronic stress. My body had an enormous amount of inflammation. Mark and Jennifer’s strategy was to assist me in alkalinizing my body via plant-based foods. I immediately began eating nutritious meals. Within two weeks, I no longer had the pain. The inflammation was nominal, and I discontinued taking pain relieving pills. I was able to return to work. Furthermore, I cancelled having surgery which I was so relieved!

I am forever grateful for their cognitive coaching. I learned strategies that I have applied in my work environment and personal life. These strategies have assisted me in setting boundaries with work and people. I have a different outlook in life and am engaging in activities that fulfill me.
I highly recommend Mark and Jennifer as they are very positive and inspiring. Their workout application is easy to use with modeling modules. I enjoyed consulting with them about my real-life problems and was able to brainstorm solutions together using laughter.
Their coaching is enjoyable and helped me to achieve my goals.

Marta V.


I decided to try Gorilla Strong Fitness because I felt sluggish and stuck. I needed something to kickstart my journey to lose weight and change my lifestyle. And, I have not been disappointed! I decided to start with the 3-month program, but before I even completed it, I signed up to continue with the 6-month program because I was very excited with my short-term results and wanted to continue!

Not only were the workouts on point, the recipes I was given were healthy and delicious as well! Even though the workouts challenged my fitness level I can say that I found myself doing things I never thought possible as I progressed.
As a result, I gained energy and lost more weight than I had even hoped for going into the program.

Gorilla Strong Fitness really sets you up for success and supports you every step along the way!

Amber C.


I met Jennifer and Mark last year on a personal level. I started to follow them on Social Media and became very impressed with the professionalism and passion they have for what they do.

I work out on a regular basis and felt that my diet was healthy. I had been feeling for a while that I needed to change things as I was not getting the results, I should have yielded with the work I put in.

I made the decision to contact Mark and Jennifer and ask about their program with the intention of committing to them for the 90 days.

It is safe to say I was very apprehensive about this. I am 58 years old and all my life I have been a meat eater, so the thought of a Vegan lifestyle was to say the least daunting. Mark and Jennifer were so supportive of this and the questions I had. While being very focused and precise they answered all my questions and made me feel that I could manage the change with their support and guidance.

During the 90 days I noticed changes, there were the obvious ones such as the drop in my weight and all my clothes fitting so much better. While I love this, the surprise for me was the subtle changes, the overall feeling of better health, my skin feeling and looking better, my body feeling stronger, and I feeling lighter and healthier.

I cannot thank Mark and Jennifer enough, they have provided me with all the normal things such as a fitness program and amazing recipes, but in reality, it is so much more. I have asked so many questions and they always reply with well researched answers. They send information on a regular basis of research they have done or read and provide me with information so I can then make the best choices for me, my fitness and lifestyle goals.

In short, I could talk about the amazing food, the comprehensive programs for my fitness, but the thing I will take from these 90 days is a better lifestyle, a healthier body and more informed choices for me going forward.

Melanie G.

New Zealand

Gorilla Strong Fitness helped me start down my path to a healthier lifestyle. Even though I have been vegan for four years, I fell into the trap of late-night eating, eating processed foods and I lacked a routine.

Through Mark and Jennifer’s motivation and expertise I have been able to see and feel some real changes. With their guidance I have detoxed from the
processed foods and I now feel healthy and vibrant.

With the training program they created for me I was able to lose 15 pounds of fat and I gained 10 pounds of lean muscle in less than 90 days. My flexibility (which was very limited) and my body awareness is now as good as it’s ever been. I am happy to say that several of my old sport injuries don’t bother me anymore and I’m proud to now be in the best shape of my life.

I’m looking forward to learning more from my favorite fitness and lifestyle coaches and to seeing even more changes as I become the best me possible. I
appreciate Mark and Jennifer more than I can possibly explain, they are legends in my book!

Mark H.


I weightlifted 2 ½ years before I switched to eating a plant-based diet. For years, I wondered how it would feel to be at 100% all day. Since changing to a vegan lifestyle, I feel my body is finally able to reach its full potential. I now feel I am at 100% ALL day, every day!
Before I was vegan…
-I didn’t have much definition even though I put a lot of effort and time in the gym.
-I felt tired and I didn’t feel truly “alive.”
-I had inflammation around my ankles and knees.
Since cutting meat and dairy from my diet and becoming vegan I have noticed…
-My workouts and recovery time have greatly improved.
-I have way more endurance now.
-I don’t feel sore after training and I don’t have any more inflammation.
-My skin has cleared up.
Basically, if I didn’t have to work, I’d be in the gym 24/7.
That’s how good and energized I now feel eating whole plant foods!

Micah W.


I’ve been blessed to work with Gorilla Strong Fitness for my health and fitness goals. I
did the 90 Day Program initially. I didn’t think following a plant-based diet would be
easy. But the recipes provided are so fast and easy to make…and not to mention
delicious. It’s very helpful that Jennifer and Mark provide so much information up front.
The workouts are excellent, and all were based and customized to help me meet my
specific goals. The workouts are challenging but I truly enjoyed them. I was able to meet
my weight loss and my toning/strength goals. I enjoyed the 90 Day Program so much
that I signed up to continue for another full year. I’m always excited to receive my new
routines and their delicious and easy to follow recipes.

I am grateful to Mark and Jennifer for all they do.

Carmen V.

New York

Jennifer and Mark were super helpful in helping me to really get a plant-based meal plan started and planned out. I had tried multiple times to go plant-based before, but I was never successful because I didn’t know how to make sure I was getting enough nutrition. Jennifer and Mark have done a lot of research to create nutrient dense recipes, and they break it down in an easy way to ensure you get adequate nutrition in your diet. What I love most about their recipes is that I know everything I put in my body is healthy and beneficial to my body. There is a lot of variety in their meal plans, and I truly feel that the knowledge they have can help anyone become their healthiest self.

Joyce M.


Jennifer and Mark are so amazing to work with. Their positive, energetic attitude is very refreshing and makes working out fun!

I just completed my Gorilla Strong Fitness program and I have seen such positive results. Thanks to their healthy and delicious recipes and the workout routines they created for me I feel stronger, more energized and my muscle tone has greatly improved.

I loved that they customized my workouts to fit my body and the specific results that I was looking for. I appreciated that when there were workouts that did not work for my body, they provided me with modifications or alternative exercises to do to help me achieve my goals. On days when it was hard for me to stay motivated,
Jennifer and Mark were there to encourage me and drive me to success.
Jennifer and Mark are so knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition. It’s apparent that they have spent countless hours researching the best for nutrition and fitness and that they only make recommendations they have personally tried and genuinely believe in.

Gorilla Strong Fitness programs work, and it’s an added benefit to be coached by such a wonderful couple who genuinely care about you and want to see you live a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life.

Bridget S.


I am so thankful I started working with Jennifer and Mark on my nutrition and fitness goals.

Gorilla Strong Fitness has been more helpful than I could have ever imagined. Not only do they provide solid workout routines, and meal planning, but they helped me with positive energy and encouragement to lift me up when I felt like I could not continue.

I am no stranger to the gym, but I found myself gaining weight due to my poor diet and being unable to hit the gym due to Covid-19. I have been watching Mark and Jennifer on Instagram for years and realized it was finally time to reach out for help.

For the last three months I have been following the meal plan and workout routines that they customized for me. I have minimal gym equipment at home, but they make me feel like I have a full gym at my fingertips. I really like that they mix up the workouts every few weeks, so I never get bored.

I really enjoyed using their user-friendly app. It is super easy to navigate and helped keep me accountable for my daily routine. They really make it so easy!

I am excited to continue my journey with them and highly recommend Gorilla Strong Fitness for anyone looking to change their lifestyle and build a healthier mind and body. The positive encouragement, fun workouts, and yummy recipes have truly impacted my life and wellbeing!

I am truly thankful to Jennifer and Mark for sharing their passion and love for life with me.

Megan H.


Meeting Mark and Jennifer hiking last year in beautiful Hawaii started a wonderful friendship and one of the most positive transformative experiences that I will always cherish.

Through their 3-month program I gained a tremendous level of knowledge and experience in eating, health, and fitness. Their program guided me to lose weight and gain the muscle definition that I have been struggling to achieve for years. It also educated me on how to properly maintain my weight by eating normal healthy meals.

I never feel hungry, nor do I ever identify myself as being on a diet. I have tried many diets and programs in the past that always ended with me falling back into negative routines.

Their program is truly a life-changing experience. If you have ever wondered what you are doing wrong with fitness or why you struggle to lose weight (and keep it off) these are the trainers for you.

Jennifer and Mark do not just send you a to-do list, they explain why you should or should not do certain things backed through their years of research and personal experience.

I am blessed to have met these two. I recommend their program to everyone!

Eric W.


I met Jennifer and Mark on a serendipitous hike while vacationing in Hawaii. Drawn to their positive energy I had no idea the transformation that I was headed toward.

The detailed program and coaching they provide supported my own accountability to show up for my wellbeing. Signing up for their program has truly changed my life.

I am about to turn 50 (and a cancer survivor), and I have never felt better. From diet to exercise to the positive mindset, Jennifer and Mark are true guides and trainers.

I am so thankful for everything they have taught me and would highly recommend any of their programs. They will teach, support, and challenge you to transform your life. This is the positivity you are searching for. Don’t hesitate, you are worth it!

Erica W.


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